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Product comparison

Differences between our photobooth models

Compare the different photoboxes and take your time to make a decision. Your decision for the right photobox depends on several factors. Now you have the opportunity to compare the different photoboxes with each other.

Comparison of the photoboxes

Our smaller photoboxes have the advantage of little space requirement and a freely selectable background. In addition, huge group photos are possible. Our three photoboxes differ in their advantages and transport facilities. We have prepared various comparisons so that you can compare the differences.

Small vs. big

In addition to the size, there are also other differences between the smaller photoboxes and the bigger ones. Above all, the larger devices are more noticeable and provide a greater “wow-factor” at your event. The photobus is the absolute highlight and can be either set up indoors or outdoors without additional roofing. Some of the photobooths will also be supervised by our trained staff during your event.

Comparison of the larger photobooths

Our photobooth, the mirror booth and the photobus are conspicuous eye-catcher for your event. All three models have additional, colored LED lighting and indicating labels so that every guest knows what can be done with them. The photobooth and the photobus are sealed systems that ensure a little privacy behind the curtain, but the mirror booth allows a free choice of a background. Funny pictures are predestined!

Digital advisor

If you are not yet able to decide for a photobooth, use our digital advisor that proposes the right photobooth for your event.

Digital advisor

Individual advice

If you would like to receive individual advice, please call us directly or leave a callback request. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Callback request

Why the comparison?

There are various factors that count when deciding for a photobooth. A photobox comparison for example points out the difference in prices. It is also important to be clearly informed about included services as well as the quality of the photos, printing speed or design options.

Detailed information

We have summarized the main points everyone should know before renting a photobooth. Take a look at our photobox comparison and general differences between different photoboxes to understand specific comparisons.

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