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Our Classic: The photobooth from Knips-O-Mat offers guests the opportunity to choose from various picture motives. That fills up your guestbook almost by itself.

The retro-photobooth with the look of the past century is the favourite one of our customers. Different from other common photobooth’s the cabin is accessible from both sides. That is why more people fit in the box even if they just lean in with their heads. The advantage of our Knips-O-Mat in addition is that your guests will be able to choose from many fun effects.

Brings out a smile in every guest – the photobooth from Knips-O-Mat

Photobooths exist already since the 1920s. “An unwritten law of the photobooth states since then: What happens behind the curtain stays behind the curtain – and off course on the photos. Exactly that is what gives the photo-kiosk such an irresistible charm. As soon as your guests enter the photobooth they are even if its just for a moment in a save and closed place. One or the other couple then can’t resist but must exchange a kiss. The beautiful thing of the matter: the moment is captured for eternity.


DSLR Camera

A dslr camera offer you the best possible photo quality with a perfect depth of photo.

Professional Photo Printer

Our professional photo printer can print up to 400 prints with one filling of material. The duration of one print is only 10 seconds in comparison to an compact photo printer with more than one minute.

Studio Flash

In connection with a dslr camera a professional studio flash provides you with the best lighting of your picture even in darker ambiences.

400 printouts inclusive

There are already up to 400 prints includes in the rental price. You can add further prints to your order, but according to our experience 400 prints are adequate for 95 % of the events.

That's always included in your rent:

Instant Printouts

An adequate amount of printouts comes with every booking of any photo booth product.

Online Gallery

You will get an individual link to your own online gallery with all photos of the event for sharing and downloading after the event.

Photo Layout

To individualise your photos for your event you get the possibility to design your very own photo layout with our online tool.


With every booking of any Photo Booth from us, a set of several props is included in the price.

Photo Filter

Several Instagram photofilters (e.g. black-white) are available with every product.

24 / 7 Service

If something unexpected occurs during the setup or event, you get hold of us 24/7.

product comparison

Compare out different photo booth products and understand the differences regarding quality, speed, price, features and delivery options.

product comparison

important notices

Get your information regarding the most important notices for booking a photo booth for your event. We explain the key facts you have to consider.

Important Notices

additional product information

dimensions, technology and further details

Infinite fun and amusing pictures.

A big part of the joy the photobooth brings is of course that the pictures won’t be edited afterwards (even though it is possible to do that). The core magic aspect of the photos is that the pictures won’t be edited afterwards with Photoshop or other software’s. They finally live off the moment of the capturing they are genuine just authentic. A lot of times we get to witness how wedding, event or party guest get together for a snapshot in the photobooth. Its popular to do a countdown until the photo trigger goes off which often ends in a collective happy cheer. For those who want to gift their guests with a huge smile on their face it is well advised to book a Photobooth from Berlin since it is a great and affordable idea.

Brings out a smile in every guest – the photobooth from Knips-O-Mat

Our photo booth is perfect for wedding-ideas or entertaining challenges for your guests by the way. You could provide unwritten speech bubbles e.g.: The picture with the most original and humorous quotation wins a price. In doing so, never-to-be-forgotten pictures will arise in great quantity!

As a matter of course we will provide you with image motifs for your pictures. Thus, your pictures will be framed with your design of desire. It is possible to integrate the logo of your company or the motto to your party as well. You will find examples image motifs by clicking on the following link: Gallery.

The photobooth for your event
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