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Branding Photobox

Branding your photobox makes it to your personal highlight of the event.

Our models provide a lot of diverse possibilities to either brand them completely in your Corporate Design or partly only. If you choose our photo box premium to be fully branded, the entire photo box will be wrapped in your design. In doing so the photo box is perfectly integrated into your event. Besides that, you actively point out the photo box and clearly state your advertising message and share specific information with your guests. Our branded photo box is the best tool to attract the attention of customers -especially when it comes to the representation of your company at an exhibition. Our photo box just smoothly slides in to your booth and color concept.

Over the last years we have worked together with several companies. We have created decent white designs with only the slogan of the respective company on it up to the most colorful advertising spaces. It is up to you whether to sort it out by yourself with your own graphics department or with the help of our experiences and creativity. We are always happy to help. Of course we will be in charge of the production of the branding and its attachment to the photo box. You will be pleasantly surprised at the day of your party.

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