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For the "wow-effect"

Mirror booth

The Photomirror immediately grabs your attention on every occasion and brings loads of fun for your guests. The whole action will be photographed!

The mirror booth from Knips-O-Mat is the new highlight, in our product selection. With the luxurious design, matched with the striking big display and the colourful LED illumination, the photobooth stands out immediately, on every event and causes unbelievable fun. The photos will be taken in portrait format, by the mirror booth, which captures all your guest’s action. Group photos are possible, with even up to 8 people.

Instant print inclusive

Different to our other photobooths, the instant print of the mirror booth pictures happens at an external print station, that is placed next to the mirror booth. This gives the advantage, that the fast picture process will be even faster and makes it even possible to make hundreds of photos in only a couple of hours. Additional to that, all your pictures will be saved online, so that you and your guest will have access to them afterword’s.

Loads of effortless fun

The mirror booth will be delivered through our schooled staff, directly to your eventlocation and set up, so you can carelessly enjoy our photobooth. A technical support during the event will happen through our nice technicians, so that you can have the best experience with the mirror booth, while creating loads of photos. For additional fun, we bring a wild mixture of funny paper props and accessories with us, which you can use to make your photos even funnier.

Interactivity as Highlight

The special highlight of the mirror booth is its huge touchscreen. That creates an interactive surface for your guests, with which they can easily further design their pictures. Digital photobooth props or even an autograph tool, next to common Instagram photo filters, create the possibility to customize the photo even more before the printout happens.


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