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Important notices

for your booking of Photo Booth

We explain to you: The variety on the photo booth market is very big and there are a lot of differences between the provider. There are a lot of providers with huge price differences, but customers rarely can’t see why. Often the cheap photo booth are being advertised with small prices, but hidden costs will follow. The lower priced booths working properly for small events with less guests, but never providing you with the best photo quality like the professional booths do.

We offer you six different types of photo booths with different configurations und technology and inform you about the pros and contras for each model. With that information you can make the right decision for your event.

The most important summarised

The most important parameters for the speed and the quality of your photos and prints are the following three: camera, printer and lighting! Every customer has different requirements for his event, which should be included into the decision.

Camera - HD camera vs. dslr camera

bigger cameras for better photos

The small HD-cameras allow to build small photo booth, which are easy to handle. They provide you with good photos and are part of a lot of small and cheap photo booth. Dslr cameras are bigger and more expensive, but offer you a high quality photo experience for your event.

In addition they come with the possibility to adjust the zoom and gradient live at the event, without repositioning the whole photo booth.

Printer – compakt photo printer vs. professional photo printer

speed, quality and handling

Small and compact photo booths often include small and compact photo printers, which need almost 60 seconds per printout. Furthermore you have to refill the printer with paper and color after 18 printouts during the event. If you want to have photo stripes, you have to cut the printouts yourself with a scissor. For small events this is absolutely okay.

Bigger photo booths include professional photo printer, which are reliable for big events with short breaks between the photo sessions. They print within 10 seconds and you don’t have to refill the printer before reaching 400 printouts. For bigger events with people who like to make a lot of photos, we highly recommend this technology.

Lighting – LED lighting vs. studio flash

light colour and impact on the photo quality

A constant LED lighting is small and easy to build into a photo booth. Small booths include this simple technology to keep the machine small and compact, but provide you with enough light even in darker environments. The light colour is a little bit colder and there is no flash option. Therefor the LED lighting could be recognised as a slightly disturbing source of light during the event.

A studio flash is bigger and a good indicator for a better photo quality. The light colour is more warm and the faces of your guests are illuminated perfectly independent of the environment. In combination with a dslr camera you will get the highest possible photo quality and experience.

Our smaller Photoboxes

Take a look on our three smaller photoboxes and compare them with the help of the three factors.

Smaller Photobox

our bigger photo booths

You are interested in something bigger. You will find an overview about all six photo booths here.

All Photo Booths

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