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Branding photobox basic

Individual photobox with your design

Besides the image motif and the layout of your print outs you have the option to actively design the outer casing of your photo box basic. The individual branding makes the photo box suitable to every event you have in mind. Your Corporate Design or the fitting slogan can easily be integrated into the appearance of the photo box to prepare it with a matching look for your party. At the same time the branding offers you the chance to break out with a striking lettering and therefore gaining even more attention of your guests and customers. We are happy to provide some experience-based advice.

Knips-O-Mat will be in charge of the production of the branding and its attachment to the photo box. Besides that, we will make the menu navigation match your chosen design, so that even the screen will smoothly fit in the look.

Benefits of branding the basic and not the photo box premium: Against little additional fee we will store your individual branding safely after your event, so that you can use it free of charge at the next occasion. Totally appropriately for frequent engagement of exhibitions and road shows.

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