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Rent a Photobox from Knips-O-Mat

another highlight for your event

Rent the right photobox for your requirements! A photobox effects a high fun factor, great memories and interaction for your guests. The photoboxes can be rent for a wide variety of occasions, such as Christmas parties, company events, summer parties, your exhibition stand, birthday parties or weddings. Depending on the occasion it offers a combination with our various additional products to expand the photo campaign. The advantage of renting a smaller photobox is the small space it needs as well as the free choice of background for your photo and the ability to take group photos with up to 15 people.

Our different photoboxes

Our three photoboxes mainly differ in the size and shape of the equipment, the quality of the photos, the maximum number of printouts and the WOW factor for your event. Your essential decision between good quality and very good quality should depend on the occasion of your event, the expected number of guests as well as your purpose of the photo campaign. The smaller photoboxes are suitable for shipment throughout Germany and can therefore be shipped right away to your event location without high delivery costs. For certain occasions it is worth renting a larger photobox such as our photobox Premium, which is offered as a full service package including assembly, dismantling and optional on-site support.

Rent the photobox Light

Small, light, compact and also the cheapest! The photobox Light can be picked up from our location in Berlin-Friedrichshain or can be shipped throughout Germany. The photobox Light is quick and easy to set up: unpack the photobox, set up, press start and off you go. It is perfect for private events with only a few guests and for events with a small budget.

Price: starting from 270 € (incl. VAT)

knips-o-mat fotobox light produktfoto weiß neu

Rent the photobox Basic

Available throughout Germany, including rapid assembly and a photo quality that is convincing. The professional equipment in combination with the compact design enables an excellent photo experience.

Price: starting from 399 € (incl. VAT)

knips-o-mat fotobox basic produktfoto weiß neu

Rent the photobox Premium

Our photobox Premium unifies the maximum photo and print quality. It can be combined with numerous additional products to turn the photo campaign into a highlight for your event. The photobox Premium will be delivered, assembled and dismantled sole by our trained staff.

Price: starting from 499 € (incl. VAT)

knips-o-mat fotobox premium produktfoto weiß neu

What is important to know if I want to rent a photobox?

Important notes and checklists for your decision

The decisive factor for the speed and the quality of the photos and prints is the camera, the printer and the lighting. Every customer has different requirements that must be considered when making the decision. There are big differences and helpful notes, which we have summarized on our “Important notes & checklist”-page.

Our recommendation


We recommend the photobox Light for small events (up to 30 people) and for events with a small budget. For events with high image quality requirements we always recommend the photobox Basic and the photobox Premium due to the price-performance ratio. Both are nearly the same as they have the same technology. They just differ in terms of appearance and the way of delivery.

Our product comparison points out the differences between all our photoboxes.

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