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Image motif

The image motif makes your photos an uniquely memory of your event

Our photos record moments, experiences, emotions and unique memories for eternity. Every event is as individual as its guests and as every single photo from it. Our photos shall remind the guests of the event over the long term.
The image motif allows any customer to design his photos as individual as possible. You can choose between a simple picture, more pictures on a landscape format with the measure 10 x 15 cm or the classic retro-photo strips with four photos with the measure 5 x 15 cm. There are no limits set for your ideas. In addition to that the background image suitable for your event is selectable as well – kitschy heart patterns for your wedding celebrations, Santa Claus for your Christmas party or whatever you like. Individual texts and further content can be smoothly integrated as well.

Individual image motifs of your desire are designed with our image motif generator.

Our highlight: There is no need of graphical prior knowledge and you do not have to pay for a graphic designer. Our image motif generator makes it possible to any person (6 – 90 years) to design a suitable image motif by itself.

The printed photo – the perfect advertising!

Most corporate customers make use of our photobooth model with the purpose of spreading a message or the intention of bonding customers, partners and employees to the company. As our photobooth models guarantee a lot of fun at any event, guests will connect their positive emotions directly and long-lasting with your brand being comprised in your individual designed image motif.
Classical advertising gifts like pens are often quickly thrown away into the trash whereas photos are often kept for years. Especially in the digitised world a printed photo is worth its value. People often pin their photos to a prominent spot in their apartment – advertising cannot be done any better!

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