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Photobox Light vs. Photobox Basic

The photobox Light and photobox Basic are our two photo booths, which are available throughout Germany due to their compact construction and without producing high delivery charges. Both photo booths can be picked up yourself at our location in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Alternatively, both photo booths can be shipped directly to your event location throughout Germany.

The salient features of both photo booths are its small space requirement and its rapid assembly. The background is free selectable as well as huge group photos with up to 15 people are possible. Great photos can also be taken in dark rooms due to the integrated lighting in both photo booths.

Both photo booths differ on the size of the appliance itself but especially in the price and the associated quality of the printouts. The photobox Light is our most compact photo booth and includes a HD camera in combination with permanent LED lighting and a compact photo printer. The photo printer has to be refilled with paper and paint at regular intervals during your event. On the other hand, the photobox Basic is equipped with a professional reflex camera, two integrated studio flashes and a professional high-speed photo printer. Therefore, the photobox Basic includes the ultimate photo quality in combination with a high printing rate. That is the reason why more photos will be taken during your event with the photobox Basic.

Direct comparison

Photobox Light Photobox Basic
Camera HD camera reflex camera
Photo printer compact photo printer professional high-speed photo printer
Lighting LED lighting studio flash
Printouts inclusive 150 prints 400 prints
Collection by the customer
Shipment (Germany)
Delivery in Berlin not possible 100 €
Delivery outside Berlin not possible ab 1,50 € / km
Individualized image motif
Online gallery
24/7 service
Print format
10x15 landscape format
10x15 vertical format
5x15 photo stripes
Background freely selectable
Group photos up to 10 people up to 15 people
Average photos per event 140 290
Additional information
Size 0,40m x 0,40m x 1,70m 0,50m x 0,50m x 1,95m
Power connection 230V socket
Installation inside your location
Installation outside under a roofing with adequate protection under a roofing with adequate protection
Spontaneous position change
Overall rating
Price starting at 270 € starting at 399 €
The product The product

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